A Life Nourished Philosophy


My MISSON is to help individuals feel EMPOWERED to live a nourished life in every aspect. To find conscious COMPASSION for themselves first, and embrace food with an ABUNDANCE mindset so that what we consume becomes an act of RESPECT.

We often lead with a less is more mentality, but this concept does not work when it comes to self-care and nourishing our bodies. In many ways, we have stepped away from the basic principles of life like setting aside time for ourselves to slowing down, enjoying conversation during meal times, and connecting with others without technology. Instead we have adopted a workaholic, one-man show persona. This is far from sustainable and often leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms that leave us unfulfilled and unavailable to thrive in our daily lives. A Life Nourished is based on the principle that FOOD IS NOT THE ENEMY.

We are often so bombarded by mis-information and one size fits all modalities that we no longer understand how to listen to our own intuition. We have lost the capacity to nourish ourselves as individuals and instead adhere to societal standards.

I believe when we get down to it, WE TRUTHFULLY KNOW OURSELVES BETTER THAN WE THINK, but it often takes a little outside guidance to help tap into that intuition. As we take the time to slow down and find out what it is that not only sustains our physical body, but makes room to tend the soul, we are able to thrive versus getting by. We are able to EMBRACE OUR UNIQUENESS with love and compassion.

Food is just one part of the wellness pillar, but one we often use as a crutch or a way to soothe. By recognizing triggers, letting go of learned habits, and feeling the affirming effects of foods that work well with our bodies, we are able to change the trajectory of the mind-body connection in a way that leads to a healthier, happier life. When we continually yo-yo diet, binge/restrict, use workouts as punishment, and surround food with guilt, we are constantly putting ourselves between the stressed states of deprivation and self-loathing. Both of these circumstances, in and of themselves, can wreak havoc on our mental and metabolic state.

By taking small steps to change our internal dialogue and creating positive self talk habits, we are able to open up the landscape of opportunity surrounding food and life as a whole.  

Through our coaching sessions I will help you reclaim your relationship with food and your body so that you have the space to focus on all the other amazing parts of your life.

 A Life Nourished is letting go of societal standards to allow us to seek liberation. Through the journey of understanding our unique stories we can stand in a space of self-nourishment and free ourselves from our skewed perceptions.

 I personally have lived with a skewed perception of food for years and I’m no longer allowing that relationship to define me. Through my own journey and research, I have come to the conclusion that diets just don’t work. Restriction leads to the biological need to overeat and with that, comes feelings of guilt and shame. In reality, this is a completely normal reaction to food deprivation that has been demonized. Whether deprivation comes from external or internal sources, the other side of the pendulum will most often swing the power the other way.

By taking an intuitive eating approach, we begin to take away the power of the diet culture over us and begin to realize no one knows what we need better than we do. This is a process which includes changing learned behaviors, unlearning diet-culture rules, creating an empowering and nourishing self talk, and really looking at what food and body image means to you.

 I am a registered Dietitian who feels that we need to better understand our mental patterns and be set free from the shame spiral that often goes along with the dieting nature of our culture. By creating a safe space, I will help you become aware of emotional patterns that are often tied to food, self worth, and our bodies. We will explore what the diet-culture is so you can begin to make sense of moments it may come up for you in every day life, while learning your own intuitive hunger and satisfaction cues are separate from external food rules. It is important to understand that the shame and guilt cycle is rooted in diet culture and not actually a lack of willpower. My approach does not include using weight as a measure of success. The desire to change your weight can be discussed, but just as nutrition needs to be put on the back burner, so does the tie to your weight. By letting go of the pressure to change the number on the scale, you open up space to begin listening to your body’s intuition in a way that is naturally nourishing for your body. The process of healing your relationship with food and body will guide you to a liberating place that is normal for YOU.


A Life Nourished

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Our Deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that frightens us.
— Marianne Williamson
Place the fearful mind in the cradle of loving-kindness.
— Pema Chodron