Let's Take Morality Out of Food

I enjoy food in many ways. Food with a side of morality is not one of them.


The shame game doesn’t add to the eating experience, it directly takes away from it.

These words and marketing ploys play into our insecurities whether subconscious or not, and last time I checked, my chocolate bar didn’t rob a bank so it can be left alone.

I encourage you to take a look at some of the foods in the grocery stores with this labeling and get curious about your reaction to it.

No food is inherently good or bad. The more we can start to understand that process along side gentle nutrition, the more power we give ourselves to eat from a place of intuition and respect, not fear and misinformation.

What does that mean? Food has less power, less hold, less ability to consume us because in the end, there are so many more aspects of life we could spend our time on.

  • A Life Nourished