RIP Body Size I Wasn't Meant to Be At

This sweet graphic depicts a very true and sometimes scary sentiment that can occur when beginning to let go of societal pressures to shrink ourselves or forever be "dieting".

There can be an understandable period of loss when we realize our idealized body type and our natural size, might not look the same. A true period of mourning with gentle, compassionate, informed self-care, can be transformative in our body liberation process.

I understand this concept might seem scary. Accepting my body at this size?! It is so ingrained in our minds that we should constantly be doing the opposite. The reality is, as I will preach from the rooftops, it is very hard to properly care for something you hate.  Learning to come to a place of body neutrality is a great step towards taking worth and purpose away from our size and accepting there are so many more important things to focus on.

We all deserve to show up in the moment exactly as we are without letting the stress and anxiety of body and food obsession steal moments of our life away that we'll never get back.

The first step we can take is to look at ourselves with a little compassion. We all come in wonderfully varied shapes and sizes, just like every other living breathing creature on earth. Unless we want to stop the living process, we will forever be changing. Unless we want to become a cloned version of the ideal, we are better off realizing we were MEANT to be in different bodies.

If I have learned anything, it is that building a support system for topics like these, while finding someone to help guide through the process, is monumental for change. It isn't a linear path, but it is a path I would choose time and time again if it meant finding freedom from the diet culture hold.

Interested in learning more about letting go of diet culture and finding body liberation? DM, email, or head to my website. This is a life changing process and it would be my honor to walk you through the process.

📷 graphic: via @immaeatthat