What We Don't Need in the Midst of Struggle is Shame for Being Human

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We aren’t meant to be “perfect” humans. We are meant to be messy, work through confusion, learn, adapt, get lost along the way.

The conversation changes when we bring self-compassion and empathy into the situation. When we softened we allow others to soften. The act of vulnerability and expressing uncomfortable feelings open up space for more light to shine, more opportunity for others to do the same.

Shame is a devilish game that often gets intertwined with guilt, even though they are two different entities at the core. Shame says “I am bad”, where as guilt separates from worth and says “I did something bad”.

We are going to mess up, perceive situations through our own lens, misunderstand, have our feeling hurt. The hardest thing about all of these human moments, is often the pressure we put on ourselves and the inner mean girl voice that can be our harshest critic.

So where does the inner critic voice go when we decide to step into self-respect and compassion?! It gets quieted. It still holds a purpose but is no longer the voice you hear the most, the voice you rely on.

Struggle is innate, shame doesn’t have to be. Remember you have the choice. Listen to what the inner critic is telling you. What lies, what stories do you hear over and over that no longer serve your growth?

Could you speak words a little kinder, a little softer? Do you feel you deserve to be kind to yourself at all?

Because you do deserve respect. You do deserve love. You are worthy, you are enough, you are capable.

What mantras could you tell yourself as a reminder on a daily basis??

A couple of mine are:

- You are SAFE

- You are ENOUGH

- You are WORTHY

- You deserve to give yourself LOVE and RESPECT

  • A Life Nourished