Imagine if we Obsessed about the Things we Loved about Ourselves!

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Imagine if we took all the time we spent picking ourselves apart, tearing down our bodies and our worth, and used it to build ourselves up?

What if we could genuinely compliment ourselves in the way we do a best friend or someone we love?

What is our first reaction to a picture wasn’t “omg delete it” and was instead “look at the joy in my eyes”.

What if we allowed ourselves to seek joy in the first place and weren’t so bogged down by the constant need to look and act perfectly?

What if we were able to step out of our OWN way to realize we were kind of awesome all along?

Fix your own crown. Create your own mantra’s. Be your own biggest advocate. Show up for yourself or start taking real-estate of the reasons you can’t.

Is fear controlling your narrative? Fear of not being acceptance, judged, loved? Are you in the practice of finding it for yourself first?

What if the process started by just taking inventory a couple times a day of how you’re feeling.

Am I feeling pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral?

What happens when you ask yourself this question? What happens when you allow yourself to tune into what’s going on?

Open up space. If you’re constantly obsessing about the things you dislike, think how much would change if you used that mental energy to instead empower yourself a little more. ❤️