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Ah this one, rings true to my ears. That idea that your innate self needs to be changed, that it’s better to be a chameleon than genuinely, vulnerably, openly show up as you are.

Anyone else understand this on an intimate level?! This process isn’t a one and done kind of deal. We are always growing, always changing, always in need of reassessment.

Maybe it takes the same situation with the same reaction multiple times for us to listen to our innate beings and recognize, ah yes, we’re here again. Maybe it’s a pressure in the chest or a tightness in the belly. Our emotions have physical manifestations that we can tune into if we want.

It’s a constant learning game. I had a moment last night where the same anxious pull started taking me down, it took my reflection time this morning to bring the whole picture into focus, and then I understood. My body was telling me something, I reacted without compassion, without remembering I AM ALLOWED TO TRUST MYSELF. We are all human, self realization takes constant tinkering..we are all on this journey of letting trust dominate fear, compassion and empathy create respect.

Below, are the beautiful words of @maryamhasnaa .
Nothing worse than the feeling of blocking exactly what you’re calling in. Perhaps you’re unhappy because you asked for it but you’re not letting it in. Since we truly already are all that is, was and ever will be...isn’t it always just about finding the right permission slips. You’re going to find ways to tap into creative genius and inspiration that never have been seen, if you choose it.

-Kaitlin Bolt-Lovett