Cooking Class & Group Workshops


Group Workshops

There is power in numbers. I love getting to experience change in a group setting. When people can come together in an open, compassionate way, there is potential for serious growth. I have experienced the power behind vulnerability and the experience that can be created when people show up without judgement and are able to see the commonality in each of us as individuals and at the human level. Community is such an important support system in this work, and I deeply understand how transformative group work can be as we move through difficult emotional experiences. Opening up space for conversation, empathy, and connection leads to empowered individuals who not only feel empowered within themselves, but create relationships for support and accountability as they move through this paradigm shift of knowledge.

Holding space for group support is some of my favorite and humbling work. As someone who has spent a good amount of time in group yoga work and transformation, I have witnessed the growth that can coincide with workshops dedicated to self-awareness, knowledge, and community.

I am available for workshops, discussions, and joint efforts to create multi-faceted experiences of integration and knowledge.

For more information, ideas, and brainstorming please fill out my contact me form and I will get back to you in a timely manner.


Looking to have some fun in the kitchen?

Cooking Classes

Looking to feel more confident in the kitchen while opening up a conversation about eating intuitively and gentle nutrition practices?

Curious about how meal planning can help save time and money in your busy schedule while promoting a nourishing eating mindset?

Looking for a team building activity that is fun, interactive, and knowledge based?

I’d love to help! I am available for in-person interactive cooking classes to help each individual feel more confident and empowered in the kitchen. This is a great way to get some hands on time to learn cooking techniques, recipes, and ask all your pressing questions!


Detailed Description

  • Typical Cooking Classes last between 2-4 hours

  • includes 2-3 recipes that we make together (customized for individual needs)

  • only available in the greater Cincinnati area

  • includes take-away informative hand outs

  • available for up to 10 people per session (prices vary)

  • Great for team building, families, busy adults, couples, new/trigger food integration, athletic performance, medically prescribed food barriers

  • Have something else in mind? Let me know I’d love to work to customize what you are looking for.

Next Steps

For more information, ideas, and brainstorming please fill out the Contact Me Form and I will be in touch in a timely manner.