Autumn Cauliflower Gnocchi with Sautéed Vegetables

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Finally the weather is cooling down in Ohio and that means it’s time to start warming up our food with pumpkin, squash, cooked greens, and ghee!!


I just love the combination of sage and squash in the fall and when combined with a ton of sauteed vegetables and pillowy gnocchi..holy moly you’re in for a treat.

This dinner is super easy and can be ready under 30 minutes which is always a win win. I used Trader Joe’s Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce to make this delicious and quick, but I have also made a copy cat version that was equally delightful and DAIRY FREE!! if you want to make your own!

Traditional gnocchi is made with mainly potato, but Trader Joe’s has made a version using cauliflower as well. It is pretty darn good and can be found in the frozen section. It is all the rage so if they are out, or you don’t want to make a special trip to the store for just gnocchi, feel free to use regular gnocchi from the grocery store.

If using non-frozen packaged gnocchi, follow the recipe as the package instructs, and then add the cooked gnocchi straight into the pan with the sauce in my recipe.


If you don’t want to fiddle with the gnocchi at all, sub it out for a pasta of similar size, or even spaghetti squash or zucchini noodles would be delicious. I know the cauliflower gnocchi from TJ’s can be a bit finicky, but I’ve outlined exactly how to cook it so you shouldn’t have any problems.

To make this dish vegetarian, leave out the chicken sausage. If you aren’t a fan of any of the vegetables, switch them out for ones you like!

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When those colder months start to hit, I love cooking my vegetables so I’m not shocking my system with anything overly cold. This is also a great way to get in a ton of vegetables because they wilt down so well making a bundle of kale much more manageable to eat.

I promise you, you will be drooling over this meal. It hits all the notes and will definitely be on repeat through the fall and winter months around here!

Warm Autumn Cauliflower Gnocchi

with Sauteed Vegetables